Pakistan vs India Asia Cup Highlights 28 Aug 2022

Babar says:

We were short by 10-15 runs when we got going. We returned as a result of our exceptional rapid bowling. Dahani came forward with the bat, which really gave us something to defend, but it’s too bad we weren’t able to complete the task. We had hoped to have around 15 people to defend for Nawaz, but that wasn’t to be, and Pandya did a fantastic job.

Rohit Sharma says:

“We were still confident after six innings. In this group, we want to believe that it is possible to succeed without participating in the game. We need to be certain that everyone is clear on what to do in the middle. I like close contests over lopsided victories.

“The fast bowlers have performed admirably over the past year or so. We faced difficulties at times, but conquering such difficulties will advance us. Hardik has been fantastic since rejoining this team. IPL was fantastic as well. His hitting skills are well known; ever since he joined the squad, he has excelled at the plate.

Hardik Pandya is the Player of the Match:

“It’s crucial to analyse the circumstance and employ your weapons. especially the difficult lengths. However, you need to use them sensibly. When I’m more composed, I have a better chance of succeeding with the chances I take when I’m batting. Even though we only needed 7, I thought my chances were good because I knew Nawaz was ready to bowl. The bowler, in my opinion, is under much greater strain than I am. In that final over, I only needed one six. I make an effort to keep things simple.

Highlights from today’s 20-over match between Pakistan and India. Asia Cup 2022 at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Group A (N).

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