Namibia vs United Arab Emirates T20 World Cup Highlights 20 Oct 2022

“I thought we performed well with the ball in spots to keep them under 150, but I think it was significantly higher than par,” said Gerhard Erasmus. All things considered, it was rather disheartening to let them get away with a few cheap softballs here and there, but I felt the fielding and bowling worked well together. [Asked how it feels to defeat Sri Lanka on the opening day yet fall short of making the Super 12s] The momentum swings that take place are what make tournament cricket so artful. The swings in momentum are frequently outside of your control, so you must respond professionally.

After the first game’s high, the momentum went against us, and we were unable to completely cross the finish line and play well enough cricket to win the next two games. At Wiese He belongs to the category of seasoned men who can win matches. Many of the team’s players have benefited greatly from his experience playing all over the world. He demonstrated his world-class abilities today by unexpectedly taking the close. Being completely out of it and displaying who we are—a well-trained team of players who stick well together—was sort of the theme of the last two games. However, as I already stated, I do not believe that we

CP Rizwan: “I would like to thank the Almighty Allah first. The first-ever World Cup triumph is a big deal for UAE Cricket. So, I’m quite appreciative. First and foremost, I want to thank Robin Singh, our coach, and our management for never giving up on us. Though everything was happening in spurts, it was only a matter of time. I’m incredibly pleased with the victory because today all departments worked well. It was an instinctive choice to bowl Waseem at the very end because he frequently used death bowling in our domestic cricket.


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