‘Cricket is not going to stop, we need to give players break, says Rohit Sharma ahead of 1st ODI vs BAN

We must maintain the rigour of our profession. Yes, there is a lot of cricket, which is why we give the players rests, said Rohit Sharma on the eve of the first ODI between India and Bangladesh.

‘Cricket is not going to stop, we need to give players break, says Rohit Sharma ahead of 1st ODI vs BAN

Rohit Sharma doesn’t want to plan too far in advance and isn’t in the mood to ratchet up the ODI World Cup preparations.

On the eve of the game, Sharma told the media that he and Dravid already have a good idea of the direction they want the team to take, but that there is still time for more detailed planning.

“Playing a game involves preparing for something each time. The World Cup is still eight to nine (or ten) months away. We can’t plan too far in advance. We must pay attention to what our team needs to accomplish “Prior to the opening ODI, Rohit spoke with the media.

He continued by saying that making plans this early won’t truly benefit the team.

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“It is crucial that we refrain from thinking about too many topics at once. As though we must play either this guy or that guy. My coach (Dravid) and I know roughly what to do. As the World Cup draws near, we’ll focus on a smaller selection.”

Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid have recently come under fire for taking breaks during New Zealand matches, but Sharma emphasised that the game will continue and that the breaks are necessary to allow the best players to perform at their peak levels at all times.

“We must maintain the rigour of our profession. There is certainly a lot of cricket, which is why we give them breaks. And people need to realise that we simply offer players breaks to manage the workload while keeping the greater vision in mind. There will be no end to cricket. A lot of cricket will always be played, so we must manage our players. You want your greatest players to always play more intensely. Therefore, it’s crucial to manage them and give them pauses since freshness is crucial “Rohit continued.

Rohit outlined India’s future course while pointing out that it is impossible to always field your top 15 players.

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“Before the World Cup, many of the players were on the road, and we played two consecutive series against Australia and South Africa. After that, we immediately travelled to Australia. Two and a half months have already passed. In this day and age, it is impossible to always play with your top 15. It will not take place, “He was direct.

On December 4, India and Bangladesh begin a three-game One-Day International series.

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